About Patrick Arsenault

Nice to e-meet you!

My name is Patrick Arsenault. I grew up speaking French in Canada’s second largest city. Earlier on, I knew that speaking English was going to be important, so I made sure to learn it.

That led me to meet interesting people in the 9 cities I have lived in 4 countries. Having opportunities to start from scratch, often, allowed me to learn more about myself and my culture.

It took me several years of soul searching (and therapy) to come to realize that one could be aromantic and that I was definitely ONE!

At this point, I am using this blog to document my narrative and share my experiences. I definitely do not claim that my experiences are representative of anyone else. Hopefully, reading this will be helpful to some of you.

Several blogs around aromanticism are available, but I could never really relate to most of them. I think this is a sign that we need more aromantics to share their experiences!

feel free to post comments, engage with me, and share my content as long as it’s done respectfully and giving me credit for my work, thoughts, and ideas. At times, I share my personal experiences, but all other names are changed to preserve anonymity. If you would like content you think may be about you removed or changed, let me know immediately.

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